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S 4 E 3 Culture and our Memetic DNA

Five Monkeys

In the short run, Amazon makes big publisher book profits increase

Yahoo could have bought Google for a million dollars. And AOL could have bought Yahoo. And Prodigy could have bought AOL....

Who do we serve?

What do they need?

What do we own?

What do we know?

Casey Stengel, 1958, answering a question about the future of cable TV and HBO:

Mr. Stengel: Well, to tell you the truth, if were starting in it myself I would like to be in that line of business as I did not think they would ever have television and so forth here but they have got it here now. (Laughter). Forty years ago you would not have had it around here yourself and you would not have cameras flying around here every five minutes but we have got them here and more of them around here than around a ball field, I will give you that little tip.